7 Chakras

Chakra literally means wheel or disk in Sanskrit.  They are often described as spinning vortices of energy.  They are created within us by our conscious and physical body.  This results in chakras becoming centres for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. There is a growing awareness of the seven major chakras.  Some say there are 12 major chakras or bodies of light in the body. The body has around 49,000 chakras. 


The 7 chakras are best thought of as spheres of energy radiating out from the central nerve ganglia of the spine.  They approximate the nerve plexuses of the physical body and function a bit like telephone exchanges where countless wires feed into the exchange.  The energy channels, known as nadis are the wires, which connect into the chakra.   The minor chakras have fewer nadis or energy channels running into them.   The nadis carry large amounts of energetic information.  The chakras take in the energy for the nadis, processes it and then distributes it back out into its areas of influence. 


As well as corresponding to nerve plexuses in the body chakras are also connected to glands in the endocrine system, and bodily processes such as breathing digesting and procreating.  Yogis consider them centres of spiritual consciousness and psychologists may use them to map the development of the human personality. Seven chakras have corresponding colours, sounds, crystals, deities and herbs.  Archetypally they also represent the elements of earth, water, air, fire, sound, light and thought.  These elements are a metaphorical representation of the energetic expression of each chakra:


Earth               solid, heavy and dense

Fire                  radiates and transforms

Water              flows

Air                   soft

Sound             communicates

Light               that reveals

Thoughts        that store information



By removing blockages in your chakras you enhance your senses and boost your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Chakras influence your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies. 


One way of thinking about chakras is to see them as gears that shift energy up or down.  For example:


Inspiration/idea comes into your head                      Crown Chakra


Thinking about it and transforming it                         Brow Chakra


Discuss it with friends/colleagues                               Throat Chakra


You then take it to your heart                                      Heart Chakra


Invest energy to make it a reality                                Solar Plexus Chakra


Water your dream                                                         Sacral Chakra


It becomes concrete                                                     Root Chakra


The energy flow upwards is required to reach enlightenment. 


Base Chakra contains our survival program.  This includes what diet suits us, when we need to exercise or sleep, and how to take care of ourselves when we are sick. 

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