How Did We Get Crystal Singing Bowls?


Crystal singing bowls have only been used therapeutically and musically in the last 20 years.  Renee Brodie, in her book the Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls tells of Abraham, a man from Arizona who had been working with crystals for years feeling and hearing their energies.  He wanted to share the tones and frequencies of crystals with people.  In 1988 he started exploring the feasibility of making quartz crystal singing bowls.  In his research he discovered they were already in existence. Pure quartz crystal bowls were being produced by the computer industry. 

Crystal Singing Bowls and Sound Healing   

Sound healing is a form of energy or vibration healing.  Every cell in your body has a frequency at which it naturally vibrates, the home frequency.  When cells vibrate outside this home frequency they go into a state of dis-ease. Sound heals by bringing the cells vibration back to its home frequency through resonance and entrainment. 

The crystal singing bowls produce a pure sine wave form that carries through physical objects including the human body.  Sound and it vibration penetrates every cell in the body oscillating and resonating with the cells causing them to rebalance.  The effect of the sound is like a ripple in a pond and the cells start harmonising with the sound wave and each other.



Playing and Buying Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are opaque or clear depending on how many times they have been fired.  The clear bowls generally have a clearer more bell like sound than the frosted bowls.  You can also buy bowls with other crystals such as rose quartz, ruby, amethyst and moldavite in them.  Precious metals such as platinum are also used to make crystal singing bowls.  They come in all notes and sizes from 6 to 24 inches.  If you are interested in buying a crystal singing bowl contact us.  The bowls are relatively simple to play but if you are interested in maximising what you can get from a bowl we recommend you attend our introductory workshop.  For details see our workshops page.


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